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My coaching experience with Jana was an eye opener for me in many ways. I have struggled with my eating habits for years. After talking to Jana I understood the importance as well as the ease of incorporating intuitive eating in my lifestyle. I learned how to shift my thoughts and gained perspective on how I can let go of the fear and guilt. Jana has a calm and pleasant vibe. I really enjoyed my sessions with her, they were very informative, educative and transformative.


My coaching experience with Jana was very informative and supportive. She was attentive and paid attention to my needs and was able to provide some very useful ideas/tips to realistically incorporate into my life. Jana made me feel heard, supported and understood during my sessions. The sessions provided different elements that I needed to make the nutrition and wellness elements in my life more balanced. I was able to bring more awareness into making food a priority to fuel my body even when my schedule didn’t necessary allow for it. I was able to add new ingredients for an even more complete incorporation of nutrients.


Jana listened intently and incorporated what I said as the sessions went on, helping me "connect the dots". She definitely used a good mix of reflective listening and probing questions to help move me along with my goals of eating less sugar, exercising more, and patting myself on the back more than I do now. I really came away with new insights (like giving myself more credit & that perfection doesn't need to be the goal) as well as practical strategies for daily life, particularly when it gets busy. 


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