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Group-Coaching: Hormone Harmony

  • 10 hours of group coaching

  • With each module, you'll receive an e-booklet packed with practical tools to deepen your understanding.

  • Group discussion and support via WhatsApp

  • BONUS: 1 online yoga session


325 € till 31.05. 295 €

Sign up now and use the early bird price!

     individual hormone and cycle coaching:

  • 10 hours - 1:1 coaching
    +optional: Coaching recording 


  • Step-by-step plan tailored to you

  • Exercises and overview sheets
    » Summaries
    » Coaching exercises
    » guided meditations
    » Recipes, nutrition guides


  • premium support
    12 hours / 7 days availability
    (get answers and support for questions and challenges that arisegene)


  • BONUS: 1:1 online yoga class 

One-off payment €1,111 

Of course you can also split your payment!


How can I support you as your coach?

  • In coaching, we use the power of your thoughts - together we overwrite your old, negative patterns and create a loving, powerful mindset that sees your body and health through different eyes. 

  • Because of my holistic approach, you get the knowledge you need from one source without having to spend hours researching.

  • I support you in breaking down your goals into simple mini-steps so you can establish routines that work for you.

  • I am by your side and always remind you of your WHY, so that even in challenging times you don't give up, but stay motivated to take the next steps.

  • As an outsider I can take a neutral look at your situation and show you your bottlenecks and progress.

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