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Are you ready to feel
like yourself again?

"Hormone Harmony" is a 10-week coaching program
that uncovers the root causes of your hormone imbalance symptoms.
You deserve living a balanced life, feeling vibrant and energized!

You're in the right place if

Take my hand

if you have no idea where to start, feel you're stuck in place and completely overwhelmed by all the conflicting information, tips, and advice you find online.

How to reset your hormones in 10 weeks

Image by Luca Bravo


We are having 10 live coaching sessions via Zoom where you'll gain knowledge and receive personalized advice. Additionally, you'll receive resources for each module delve deeper into each topic.



Access to a toolbox containing various tools to help you integrate your knowledge and take actionable steps. Without action, no change! Providing you ressources such as recipes, yoga classes, and recommendations.



Immerse yourself in a supportive community of strong women, where we cheer each other on and be there for each other. Stay motivated with our WhatsApp group, for accountability and inspiration.

"Hormone Harmony"

What to expect after completing the coaching program:

stable mood

glowing skin

regular cycle

less bloating

feeling energized

pain-free period

Are you ready

to say goodbye to your symptoms and reclaim harmony within your body?
"Hormone Harmony" is your pathway to realigning your life by addressing
the root causes of your symptoms. There are no quick fixes here!


① Understanding the menstrual cycle  
» Learn the basics about the hormones and understand how your female cycle works. ​

↓ ​

② Overwriting limiting beliefs
» Discover negative beliefs and emotions that don't serve you on the healing path.

↓ ​

③ Balancing blood sugar 
» Keep your blood sugar level steady - say goodbye to cravings. ​

④ Regulating stress
» Create daily habits and routines that reduce your stress level and give you more energy.  ​

↓ ​

⑤ Supporting detoxification organs
» Support your detoxification in a gentle and natural way.

⑥ Boosting digestion
» Integrate gut-friendly habits to boost your digestion and immune system.

⑦ Getting glowing skin
» Treat your skin with hormone-friendly wellness tools.

⑧ Eating intuitive & mindful 
» Uncover unconscious eating habits, address food cravings and tackle weight issues. 

⑨ Using feminine flow
» Adapt your routines to your female cycle and feel in alignment with yourself. 

⑩ Activating femininity 
» Embrace both, feminine and masculine energies in harmony while nurturing self-love. 

What's included: 

  • 10 hours of group coaching​​ + recording

  • Group discussion and support via WhatsApp​​

  • Valuable resources and educational materials covering the modules for holistic well-being. 

  • Personalized recommendations for supplements to support hormonal and gut balance

  • BONUS: 1 online group yoga session

Your Invest
325 €

*Starting in July 2024


Do nothing
... and to follow the path of uncertainty: hoping for the best and trusting that the problems will vanish into thin air.

Hours of research
... surrender to the flood of information and acquire the knowledge yourself to become an expert on your hormonal health.

Stop wasting time and  GET REAL RESULTS!

Over a period of 10 weeks you'll get the necessary knowledge, and integrate new habits into your daily life that are tailored to your goals and needs!

In my work, I follow a holistic approach - this means that we don't just deal with the physical symptoms, but much more with the trigger, which can have emotional, mental or physical causes. With this approach and the well-founded knowledge of endocrinology, neuroscience and nutrition, mixed with the most diverse approaches of naturopathy, such as Ayurveda, Yoga or TCM, we can positively influence the hormone balance and your well-being. 

After each session you will be able to understand yourself and the complexity of your body a little better and you will feel motivated to confidently take the necessary measures to take the next steps.

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