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Holistic Wellness Retreat



8 days deep dive into WOMENS HEALTH & WELLNESS

your oasis for balance & feminine flow


Dive into your luxurious Holistic Wellness Oasis, nestled in a modern and minimalistic Villa on the inspiring island of Crete. A sanctuary just a few steps from the beach, inviting you to explore emerald-green sea, gaze at breathtaking cliffs, and lose yourself in Mediterranean olive groves.

We are excited to guide you through the next seven days of your recharging journey. The focus of our retreat is a WOMENS HEALTH & WELLNESS program. Nourish yourself with daily deep yoga & meditation sessions, releasing breathwork, soothing cooking & self-care workshops. With tools for nervous system regulation, deep stress release, creating habits in tune with your feminine cycle.

Our Highlights are coaching sessions & workshops to integrate longterm self-care habits in an easy and effective way.

When was the last time you took a long breath and felt deep gratitude? Allow yourself moments of reflection and calmness or consider joining trips to breathtaking spots. Treat yourself with a refreshing swim in the mediterranean sea, feel the warm sun & salty sea breeze on your skin. 

This retreat is your safe space to reconnect with your inner balance & explore life with all your senses. Tasting nourishing food, listening to the rhythm of the waves, observing bright stars at the endless sky & having deep talks. We're gonna create a safe space to (re)connect with yourself & wonderful women.

Discover yourself & leave this magical place refreshed and renewed. Explore a week of physical, emotional & spiritual metamorphose.


Image by angela pham




What's included

About us


We are in love with our charming location in Voukoulies Village, Tavronitis close to Chania .
Dive into the sparkling sea, feel the breeze on your skin and gaze at the cliffs. Discover the alleys of the village, mountains & other highlights like the oldest olive tree: The tree of Vouves.

Take a deep breath far away from our modern & overstimulating daily life. Allow yourself to recharge deeply.

Have a swim in our pool or  take a refreshing dip in the Mediterranean sea. Enjoy the warm sand underneath your feet, just a few steps away from our accommodation. The villa's double bedrooms offer flexibility, featuring either two single beds or a double bed – a perfect arrangement for sharing the space with a friend or a newfound soul sister. Immerse yourself in the modern comforts of the villa, where each detail is thoughtfully curated to enhance your stay.








The food is prepared with a wide variety of mostly organic vegetarian superfoods. Three times a day, we are preparing healthy meals for your physical vitality and mental well-being. Bottled spring water, fresh homemade lemonades as well as herbal tea and coffee are always available for you - glow from inside.

In our workshops, you'll delve into the world of superfoods and uncover gentle ways to nurture your body in alignment with your female cycle. Explore valuable insights on making small, delightful changes and cultivating easy habits that bring a sense of well-being.


We will offer morning and evening rituals to calm and deepen your soul. Enjoy energetic Hatha, Vinyasa Yoga & calming Yin and Breathwork. You will also dive into other forms of stress release to experience the art of letting go and being in the moment.

Our nightly rituals are offering space to reflect, meditate, flow and journal for a deep and peaceful sleep. The practice is open
hearted, traditional infused & in alignment with our modern life. We want you to enjoy a wonderful experience on the mat: Flow through your emotions & thoughts as you grow.

Feel the breeze of the sea on your skin, take a deep breath and release. - All levels are welcome as we align the practice to your individual needs -



Exemplary day


07:30 Morning glow ritual 

09:00 Delicious breakfast

11:00 Workshops

13:30 Lunch break

14:30 Free time

18:00 Dinner & talks 

20:00 Evening ceremony

First Day
18:00 warm Welcome Circle
Dinner & Yin Y

Last Day
Morning glow ritual 


ca. 12:00 Goodbye 



Coaching Sessions 
- Nervous system regulation

- Stress release techniques 

- Shadow work

- Women circle 

- Creating healthy habits 


- Holistic Skincare

- The power of superfoods 

- Mindful eating 

- Female cycle harmony 

  through nutrition & wellness habits 

- Time Management based on the
   menstrual cycle


    What's included?


  • Welcome Gift Bag

  • 7 nights in a charming villa

  • Daily yoga and meditation practice

  • 3 daily vegetarian/vegan meals

  • Daily healthy snacks and drinks

  • Daily workshop

  • Breathwork Journey

  • Cacao Ceremony and Women Circle

  • Coaching Session & Tools
    Secret Bonus

  • Cooking class

  • Daily optional trips

Invest in your energetic journey & recharge again ✨

2.175,00 €*

1.750 €*

*You can split into 2 payment rates

Ready for your deep dive journey?

      Cancellation / Refund policy

      We highly recommend you to get a travel cancellation insurance.

  • at any time you can provide a replacement participant

  • 50 % deposit with the booking (non refundable) 

  • no refund possible beginning from the 01.09.2024

    In case the retreat is fully booked and you want to cancel we will offer the spot again to our community in order to find a replacement. In case of a successful replacement, you will get a refund of 70% of the retreat price. With your booking you agree with our retreat policies. 
    doesn't apply to third-party providers

About us


Jana is a holistic Women's Health Coach, Nutritionist and certified Yoga Teacher. She will share her profound knowledge about hormone health, female cycle & women's wellness in your workshops. During the whole Retreat she will create a save space for the awakening of your feminine energy.



Gizem is a Holistic Health Coach, certified Breathwork & Yoga Teacher and passionated Superfood lover. She will share her deep knowledge about high sensitivity, shadow work & stress relief tools for a regulated nervous system. Her interion during the whole retreat is to keep your mind & heart calm, as you ease and release emotional blockages.


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