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Stern von Bethlehem

Cyclical Superpower

This 1:1 coaching is for you if you...

» stuck in constant stress, feeling exhausted and overwhelmed because your to-do list seems endless.

» constantly feeling tired and drained, coffee the only solution is to get anything done at all.

» Difficulty prioritizing your life outside of work because there is always something that falls short.

» have the feeling that you have somewhat neglected the connection to yourself and your body in the last few months.

» have tried every diet and new trend, just keep falling back into old patterns and are completely overwhelmed as to what is right for you. 

» You've been wondering for a long time why your mood, motivation and energy level are so changeable and why you never finish your projects.

If you have at least one dieanswered these questions with "YES",you are in the right place!

... Imagine you ...

» feel energetic and balanced and do the things you set out to do.


» look forward to a pain-free cycle and with an increased libido.

» eat intuitively healthy and can optimally supply your body with nutrients in all 4 phases without having to pay attention to calories.

» you have to train less to get fitter and stronger! Time your training according to your cycle phases and get a big step closer to your physical and athletic goals! 

» uses the cyclic force to strengthen the relationship with yourself and your body! 

» Work more productively and efficiently because you adapt your energy and cognitive abilities to your cycle and get more done with less effort.

You're arhythmic, creative being. Everything in your body and the world around you works in cycles - from the seasons to the moon to your menstrual cycle.

During each of the four phases of your cycle, your body produces different amounts of hormones - affecting your energy levels, sleep, cravings, and even different thoughts.

Knowledge and implementation aretwo differentThings.I support you in internalizing the knowledge in your DNA and at the same time in taking action. Together we'll take the steps to get real results and understand the bridge between your emotional and physical health. Create your vision, activate your power and together we will create your new reality! 

In this3-month coaching programI'll show you how you can use your unique rhythm for you and learn to love your female cycle. Maybe you're wondering if it couldn't be shorter and doubt that you'll have even less time. The answer is YES - because in order to create lasting changes, it is necessary not to turn everything inside out at once, but ratherrealistic routinescreates. Between the coaching sessions you have enough time to strengthen the habits. I promise you, you will gradually have a lot more time available for the things that are important to you!

Coaching structure
12 weeks - 6 coaching hours

① Inventory & goal setting

» We analyze your current situation and define your goal. Together we create the bridge, how you create your new reality step by step.

cycle awareness

» You will learn how to recognize the individual cycle phases and which cycle qualities are hidden behind them. 



③ productivity & time management

» We go through your work tasks and create a plan to make you more productive and efficient to adjust your energy and cognitive skills.

Cycle Self Care

» You use the cyclic power to strengthen the relationship with yourself and your body. Be inspired with self-care tools that you can intuitively integrate into your everyday life.  

cyclic Training

» We create a training plan that is tailored to you and your physical goals in an efficient way. And all this with little time effort, I promise!

cycle food

» You will receive a framework on how you can intuitively eat healthily in order to optimally supply your body with nutrients in all 4 phases.

* You are only interested in the training and nutrition plan and a 12 week coaching is too long for you? Then I recommend my nutrition consultation - here are individual hours bookable.

3-month coaching:

  • 6 hours - 1:1 coaching
    + optional: coaching recording 


  • Preparation tailored to you with cycle analysis & individual step-by-step plan

  • Exercises and overview sheets
    » Summaries

    » Self-care rituals
    » fitness plan
    » Recipes, nutrition guides


  • "Check In" between the 2-week coaching sessions

  • BONUS: 1:1 online yoga class 

3 installments at 275€


One-time payment 777 € 


How can I support you as your coach?

  • In coaching, we use the power of your thoughts - together we overwrite your old, negative patterns and create a loving, powerful mindset that sees your body and health through different eyes. 

  • Because of my holistic approach, you get the knowledge you need from one source without having to spend hours researching.

  • I support you in breaking down your goals into simple mini-steps so you can establish routines that work for you.

  • I am by your side and always remind you of your WHY, so that even in challenging times you don't give up, but stay motivated to take the next steps.

  • As an outsider I can take a neutral look at your situation and show you your bottlenecks and progress.

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