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Women's Health & Wellness


Welcome beautiful soul!

With my work, I want to inspire women for their own body and female cycle and encourage them to take responsibility for their health!

Our hormones set the rhythm in us and influence our overall well-being, and yet many women only become aware of it when there is a hormonal disorder and it becomes noticeable with a wide variety of symptoms.

Instead of sacrifice and discipline, I create a step-by-step plan with my clients to establish healthy habits and routines. We tackle the root causes of the hormone disorder 
at the root in order to find long-term balance in life.


My Services

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Hormone Harmony

More about me and my work

As a certified holistic health and nutrition coach, nutritionist and yoga teacher, I focus on holistic women's health. Over the years, I have been able to gain a great deal of knowledge regarding holistic health approaches through my studying and continuing education in the areas of coaching, nutrition, naturopathy, women's health and yoga, I have been able to acquire a great deal of knowledge regarding holistic health approaches. There was a time in my life when I felt constantly tired, weak and unfocused due to my maladaptive eating habits and hormonal imbalance. For over 2 years my periods stopped - no doctor could tell me why - I lost confidence in myself and my body. Through nutrition, mindset, yoga and meditation, with a lot of research and my continuing education as a hormone coach, I managed to rebalance my hormones and regain confidence in my body. After a long time, I feel more balanced and energized than ever before. Knowing how it feels to not be taken seriously with a hormonal imbalance, to be prescribed the pill again as the only solution, or to feel completely overwhelmed as to where to start, I have made it my mission to guide women on their journey to hormone balance and a balanced lifestyle. More. Through my work, I want to empower you to celebrate your female body and the menstrual cycle! Once you learn about the superpowers that can support you in each cycle phase, you'll never want to miss them! Nutrition and a conscious approach to stress are the foundation of your hormone balance and for this reason, important components of my work. Learn more about my nutritional counseling and yoga offers that are specifically tailored to you.

"Thank you Jana for all the helpful tips that I can incorporate into my stressful daily life. Even when my schedule wouldn't actually allow it, I now have the tools I need to prioritize my wellness and healthy eating. Since I've been working and exercising in sync with my cycle, I feel more balanced, focused and efficient."


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Thank you!

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