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About me


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As a certified holistic health and nutrition coach, nutritionist and yoga teacher, I focus on holistic women's health. 


Over the years, I have been able to gain a lot of knowledge regarding holistic health approaches through my distance learning and continuing education courses in coaching, nutrition, naturopathic medicine, women's health and yoga. 


There was a time in my life when I felt constantly tired, weak and unfocused due to my maladaptive eating habits and hormonal imbalance. For over 2 years my periods stopped - no doctor could tell me why - I lost confidence in myself and my body. 


Through nutrition, mindset, yoga and meditation, with a lot of research and my continuing education as a hormone coach, I managed to rebalance my hormones and regain confidence in my body. After a long time, I feel more balanced and energized than ever before.


Knowing how it feels to not be taken seriously with a hormonal imbalance, to be prescribed the pill again as the only solution, or to feel completely overwhelmed about where to start, I have made it my mission to guide women on their path to hormone balance and a balanced lifestyle.  


More. Through my work, I want to empower you to celebrate your female body and the menstrual cycle! Once you learn about the superpowers that can support you in each cycle phase, you'll never want to be without them!


A healthy gut and managing stress are the foundation of your hormone balance and for that reason, important parts of my work. Learn more about my nutritional counseling and yoga offers that are specifically tailored to you. 


You only see a fraction of your actual power, the  is in you! Discover what is possible when you feel comfortable in your body!

About my work

How often is it that we don't realize the value of our health until physical problems or illnesses force us to make lifestyle changes?

With my work as a certified holistic health and nutrition coach, nutritionist and yoga teacher, my vision is to encourage women to take charge of their health. Various factors such as diet, exercise, our mindset and even stress can impact our health and throw us off track. This is exactly why I always take a holistic approach to my work.


Meaning, we do not exclusively address the physical symptoms, but much more the trigger, which can have emotional, as well as mental or physical causes. With this approach and the profound knowledge of endocrinology, neuroscience and nutritional science, mixed with the most diverse approaches of naturopathy, such as Ayurveda, yoga or TCM, we can positively influence the hormone balance and your well-being in the long term. 


My holistic coaching is the most intensive care I offer. I support you in restoring your hormone balance and show you step by step how to live in harmony with your cycle. With simple routines that can be integrated into your daily life, you will get your power back! My vision is for us women to feel good about our female bodies, celebrate our cycles and make the cyclical lifestyle work for us! Cycle awareness has brought myself back into the flow of life.  


In my nutritional counseling, I want to take you by the hand to find the right diet for you. With a cyclical way of eating you learn to eat intuitively again and to give your metabolism a helping hand. 


In my yoga classes I want to create a place of well-being as a balance to the stressful everyday life, where you can recharge your batteries and find your inner center. Since yoga works on a physical as well as an energetic and mental level, it is also an important part of my coaching program.


If you want to support your body from the inside and pamper it from the outside, feel free to check out my shop. With my partner company RINGANA, I have a company on hand that shares my values in terms of prevention, sustainability and ethics. The high-quality products that you will find there, I use myself with great pleasure and could already collect many positive experiences with my clients, as well as with me.

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