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Hormone Coaching

This coaching is for you if you...

» suffer from PMS symptoms and menstrual pain every month and your period just annoys you. 

» want to stop the pill or have already stopped and are now affected by a missed period, hormonal acne or hair loss.

» your periods are very irregular or even non-existent and your doctor cannot help you with this problem because "nothing abnormal" was found during the examinations.

» constantly feeling tired and drained, coffee the only solution is to get anything done at all.

» are familiar with mood swings, skin and/or digestive problems that make you feel unwell.

» feel disconnected from your body and your true self. 

» have been diagnosed with autoimmune diseases, endometriosis, PCOS or thyroid problems.

If you have at least one answered with "YES", you are in the right place!

... Imagine you ...

» feel good and self-confident in your body and your skin.

» start your day relaxed, you are full of motivation and joy to implement all the plans because you have enough energy.

» are no longer dependent on the pill or painkillers to suppress menstrual cramps, acne or PMS symptoms.

» could fulfill your desire to have children whenever you want, without indulging in physical or emotional stress.

» can finally get to the root of digestive problems and intolerances.


» are happy about a regular and pain-free cycle and your period - because these are the signs of your hormonal and emotional balance.

» recognize the stressors in your life and can increase your productivity and efficiency with cycle-adapted routines. 

» eat intuitively healthy and balanced without having counting calories.

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Group-Coaching: Hormone Harmony

  • 10 hours of group coaching

  • With each module, you'll receive an e-booklet packed with practical tools to deepen your understanding.

  • Group discussion and support via WhatsApp

  • BONUS: 1 online yoga session

Early-Bird-Price: 295 €

Sign up now for the non-binding waiting list to secure your price!

     individual hormone and cycle coaching:

  • 10 hours - 1:1 coaching
    +optional: Coaching recording 


  • Step-by-step plan tailored to you

  • Exercises and overview sheets
    » Summaries
    » Coaching exercises
    » guided meditations
    » Recipes, nutrition guides


  • premium support
    12 hours / 7 days availability
    (get answers and support for questions and challenges that arisegene)


  • BONUS: 1:1 online yoga class 

3 installments of €385 each


One-off payment €1,111 


Do nothing

... and to follow the path of uncertainty: hoping for the best and trusting that the problems will vanish into thin air.

Hours of research

... surrender to the flood of information and acquire the knowledge yourself to become an expert on your hormonal health.

Stop wasting time and  GET REAL RESULTS!


I will create a step-by-step roadmap for you that not only gives you the necessary knowledge, but also ensures that you get to implement it! Over a period of 10 weeks you integrate new habits into your daily life that are tailored to your goals and needs!

In my work, I follow a holistic approach - this means that we don't just deal with the physical symptoms, but much more with the trigger, which can have emotional, mental or physical causes. With this approach and the well-founded knowledge of endocrinology, neuroscience and nutrition, mixed with the most diverse approaches of naturopathy, such as Ayurveda, Yoga or TCM, we can positively influence the hormone balance and your well-being. 

After each session you will be able to understand yourself and the complexity of your body a little better and you will feel motivated to confidently take the necessary measures to take the next steps.

10 weeks - coaching overview

① Inventory & goal setting
» You will learn the basics about the interaction of hormones and better understand your female cycle. 

mindset work
» We dissolve deep-seated beliefs, negative beliefs and emotions that hold you back
not serve on the way of healing.



fabricactivate alternation
» You will learn how to keep your blood sugar level constant with the help of your meals and thus say goodbye to cravings. 

④ stress management
» We regulate your nervous system by creating daily habits and routines that permanently reduce your stress level and give you more energy. 


⑤ Support detoxification function
» With the help of naturopathy, you will learn about holistic measures, such as how to use your detoxification organs
can support in a gentle way.


gut health
» We focus on your digestion - with the knowledge of Ayurveda we ensure a good gut feeling and a strong immune system.


Detoxification via the skin and lymph 
» You will learn which care and everyday products can have a negative effect on your hormones and how your skin regains its natural glow.

Intuitive and mindful nutrition
» We uncover unconscious eating habits, get to the bottom of food cravings, overweight or underweight and ensure that you feel joy and pleasure.

cycle awareness
» You will get an insight into how you can adapt your diet and exercise routine to your female cycle and thus achieve your fitness goals effectively in the long term.


Activation of your femininity 
» With the help of the TCM teachings you will learn how to use the feminine and masculine energy (Yin & Yang) in you again in harmony bring and can use for you and your relationships.  


How can I support you as your coach?

  • In coaching, we use the power of your thoughts - together we overwrite your old, negative patterns and create a loving, powerful mindset that sees your body and health through different eyes. 

  • Because of my holistic approach, you get the knowledge you need from one source without having to spend hours researching.

  • I support you in breaking down your goals into simple mini-steps so you can establish routines that work for you.

  • I am by your side and always remind you of your WHY, so that even in challenging times you don't give up, but stay motivated to take the next steps.

  • As an outsider I can take a neutral look at your situation and show you your bottlenecks and progress.

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