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Summer heat tips

As much as I love the summer and the heat, the heat wave brought me lately - especially in the city and in the attic (= not the best combination!) one or the other time to my limit 😅 But fortunately that's over!

In this blog article, I've put together 10 simple everyday tips to help you enjoy the summer as much as possible and support your body in the heat. I've included the principles of Ayurveda in this article. Speaking of which, are you interested in the topic of Ayurveda and would you like to learn more about the individual doshas? Then feel free to write me via Instagram or in the comments, your questions on the subject and I will write a separate blog article about it.

Here are 10 tips that can help you make your daily routine a little more bearable in the heat:

1. Choose light foods

Our digestion works on the back burner when it's hot. Fresh fruits and vegetables, such as berries, salads, but also fresh herbs have a cooling effect on the body and provide it not only with many vitamins and minerals, but also with enough liquid. Foods with a high water content, such as watermelon or cucumber are perfect here!

2. Avoid salty and spicy dishes

In Ayurveda, summertime is also called Pitta time. Pitta stands for heat and fire, especially salty and spicy dishes ensure that this quality is additionally strengthened. If your body is already heated due to the outside temperature, it makes little sense to intensify this heated quality through our diet.

3. Drink enough - preferably at room temperature!

When it's really hot, who doesn't prefer to reach for the iced drink in the fridge? As tempting as it sounds, we are not really doing our bodies any favors. In Ayurveda we talk about the digestive fire, the Agni, which is weakened by iced drinks. As you already know, our digestion is already working on low flame, with ice-cold drinks this would be additionally weakened. For this reason, room temperature drinks are actually best.

My favorite drinks: homemade infused water with mint and lemon, CHI, coconut water, homemade iced tea with e.g. chilled peppermint tea.

4. Refreshment for in between

You are on the road and there is no pool or shower in sight? In this case, cold compresses or a cooling spray for the neck or the back of the knee are perfect. I've linked you to my personal summer favorite, which has saved me a time or two in the stuffy bus or train. For that extra freshness kick, the spray can also be chilled in the fridge in advance. I'm telling you, it's a lifechanger!!!

5. Going for a swim

I love the feeling when you are immersed in water, the sounds fade away and you feel your head suddenly clear and your whole body refreshed. Swimming is a real treat for the body and for this reason, outdoor swimming or cooling off in a swimming lake is definitely my number 1 summertime activity! But be careful! Cool your body down slowly, so that the body can get used to the cold. A jump into the ice-cold water is not so harmless when your body is strongly heated up. It can lead to circulatory problems, which in the worst case can lead to heart attacks and strokes, because the veins constrict abruptly.

6. Forest bathing is the order of the day

No swimming lake around the corner? How about forest bathing?

In the shade of the treetops, it's up to eight degrees cooler in the forest on hot days than in the city. Compared to the open countryside, there is a difference of up to six degrees. If you live near a forest, then go for it! But even in the city, large trees can be found, especially in parks, and promise the desired coolness. They provide shade, and what's more, their leaves reflect the sun's short-wave rays. This noticeably lowers the temperature under their treetops. Check out my Instagram post to learn more about the positive benefits of forest bathing.

7. Put physically demanding work and sports in the morning hours

Sounds logical, but do you take this into account in your daily routine?

For me, there's nothing better than starting the day with a round of yoga early in the morning, when everything is still quiet and pleasantly cool. Also, shopping, cleaning, gardening and things like that are of course a lot more enjoyable at this time of day. So how about peeling your alarm clock half an hour earlier tomorrow and manage your energy better that way?

8. A night under the open sky

I love to sleep under the open sky! Of course, it is not always and everywhere possible, but should you have the luxury of having a balcony, I highly recommend it!

9. Why not try a cooled Gua Sha stone?

I have to admit that I initially just jumped on the hype, bought one of these massage stones, and then it lingered in my mirrored closet for months. In case you didn't catch the hype, here's a quick explanation: "A Gua Sha stone is a stone about the size of your palm made of jade or quartz. It is usually heart-shaped or wave-shaped. Depending on the material, it is said to have different effects. Originally, Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese form of body massage." I can finally understand the trend now and wouldn't want to miss the ice cold rinsed stone in my grooming routine.

10. Reduce coffee and alcohol consumption

For the same reasons as for the "avoid salty and spicy foods" point, coffee and alcohol are also to be avoided in hot temperatures. Here, too, the Pitta Doha is intensified and the drinks thus have a heated effect on the body. Of course, there is nothing against an iced coffee here and there, but it should be consumed with caution. In the future, be aware of how your body feels afterwards. If you feel that your digestion becomes sluggish or other physical signs appear, then try alternatives, such as my beloved CHI - a healthy and refreshing awakener! I hope you can incorporate your one or two tips into your everyday life and I'm excited to see which advice helps you the most!

See you soon!

Yours Jana Noel 💛

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