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Sun protection without chemicals: 5 natural methods for healthy skin

With summer in its full bloom and the warm rays of the sun brightening our moods, it's time to talk about the beneficial power of the sun. The media often warn about the dangers of the sun and many people are unsettled. But what if we looked at it from a different angle?

What if it's not the sun itself that's causing these problems, but rather the ingredients in conventional sunscreens?

In this blog article, we'll explore the secrets of effective sun protection together and learn how we can enjoy the sun's beneficial rays without worrying about endangering our skin and health.

Sunlight is the essential foundation of our survival. Instead of letting fear and worry guide us, we should enjoy the natural benefits of sunlight to the fullest and use it responsibly. It provides incredible benefits to our health that go far beyond providing us with vitamin D. In fact, sunlight can have an extremely positive effect on our immune system, metabolism, and even our hormonal system. Sunshine is considered a natural source of health and vitality.

Of course, it's important to avoid overexposure to the sun to protect ourselves from sunburn, but does that mean we have to reach for harmful sunscreens right away?

Conventional sunscreens are often full of questionable ingredients that could be more harmful to our health than the sun itself. In addition, conventional sunscreens impair the absorption of vitamin D, which is essential for life. This is because many sunscreens contain chemical filters that absorb UV rays, preventing them from penetrating the skin.

5 TIPS for natural sun protection

I want to share with you five valuable tips on how to strengthen your inner shield and enjoy the beneficial solar energy to the fullest:

1. soak up the morning sun

Start your day with a little ritual: sit in the morning light for a few minutes after getting up. The sun's rays not only help you absorb vitamin D, but also improve your sleep and give you energy for the day. You also protect your skin from UVB damage by activating protective hormones in the morning.

2. natural protection with clothing and shade

Light, long clothing and occasionally seeking shade are enough to protect your skin from too much sun. This simple trick is my personal choice for safe sun enjoyment and eliminates the need for sunscreen altogether.

3. renouncing sunglasses

Did you know that wearing sunglasses can make your skin more susceptible to sunburns? The photoreceptors in your eyes don't receive the proper light signal and therefore don't produce melanin to protect your skin from harmful rays and UV damage. Wearing sunglasses simply tricks your brain into not producing effective pigment (melanin). Instead of wearing sunglasses, wear a hat and allow your eyes to receive the natural sunlight. Not only will you become more accustomed to the brightness, but you will also protect your skin more effectively from harmful rays.

4. nutrition for radiant skin

A nutrient-rich diet is the key to glowing skin. Avoid processed vegetable oils like canola and sunflower oil, which can cause your skin cells to oxidize in the sun. Instead, rely on antioxidants and zinc in your diet. Saturated fatty acids, carrots and berries will strengthen your protective shield from the inside out. At this point I can also recommend CAPS protect* from experience. They do not give sunlight, light pollution and blue light from smartphone or computer screens the chance to lead to oxidative stress in the first place.

5. natural sunscreen

Sometimes prolonged sun exposure is unavoidable. In that case, reach for a non-toxic, mineral sunscreen*. That way you can enjoy the sun without worry and your skin will thank you!

I hope that with these tips and information, you can spend your summer days glowing and worry-free. Let's appreciate the sun as our precious companion and enjoy the warm light as often as possible!

With love

Jana Noel 🤍

*This blog article contains advertising as I have linked to some products that are healthy alternatives for sun protection.

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