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Blood sugar balance for healthy hormones

Hormone health and blood sugar levels are closely linked and influence each other in various aspects of metabolism. I discovered the inspiring "Glucose Goddess" several months ago and have since raised my awareness of blood sugar levels.

In this new blog article, you'll learn what blood sugar levels are all about, why we should learn to balance our glucose levels, and finally, you'll get simple hacks to implement.

Balanced blood sugar levels reward the body with reduced cravings, increased immune and thinking power, increased performance, reduced menstrual cramps, and have even been linked to an anti-aging effect.

Best of all, it only takes simple hacks to implement!

What is actually this blood sugar level?

All carbohydrates, such as pasta or bread, are made up of the same building blocks, the sugar molecules. Depending on how many of them form a chain, we speak of single, double and multiple sugars. In the digestive tract, all carbohydrates are broken down to glucose (= dextrose). Imagine your meal becoming an exciting roller coaster ride for your glucose. It travels from your mouth, through your stomach, and into your bloodstream, causing a rise in blood sugar levels, also known as hyperglycemia.

Your pancreas is like a superhero because its job is to get the sugar out of your blood and into your cells so you can be provided with new energy. It does this by secreting the hormone insulin. Insulin is like a key that allows sugar to be delivered into the cells. When there is too much sugar, it is stored in the liver and muscles. When these stores are full, excess sugar is converted to fat. Why should we learn to balance our glucose levels? Here's the kicker: Your mitochondria, the little power plants in your cells, get stressed when glucose roller coasters and produce free radicals. Free radicals damage cells, mess with our DNA, and bring trouble in the form of inflammation.

But hey, don't panic! There's a lot to gain from balancing your glucose levels: Away with cravings, constant hunger, fatigue, and hello to clearer thinking, stable weight, and an all-around fit body!

How do I keep my glucose levels in balance?

Here are some cool hacks from the "Glucose Goddess" world you can try right now:

  1. Mix carbs (like whole grain bread and quinoa) with healthy fats (like avocado) and proteins (like nuts and seeds).

  2. Treat yourself to a hearty breakfast with adequate protein before eating anything sweet - it sets the tone for your whole day!

  3. Sweets? After dinner as a dessert, not as a snack in between meals!

  4. Start your meals with vegetables, then proteins and healthy fats, leave the carbs at the end. That way, the fiber in vegetables will end up in your stomach and intestines first, and your body will be protected from too much glucose buildup.

  5. A shot of apple cider vinegar before the first meal or in a salad can work wonders. The acetic acid it contains slows down the breakdown of starches and signals the muscles to absorb glucose from the blood.

  6. Drink less simple fruit juices and smoothies → If smoothies then enriched with protein and fat sources (such as hemp seeds, cashews or protein powder).

  7. Move after a meal → Exercise helps muscles absorb glucose better.

  8. Wean yourself off the sweet taste. You'll notice how your taste buds gradually change → bitter substances in particular can help you minimize your cravings.

What are you waiting for? Your body will thank you with an energy boost and well-being! Which tip will you try first?

Yours, Jana Noel 🤍

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