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PMS - causes and tips

In this blog article you will learn what is meant by PMS, which typical symptoms occur, where the trigger often lies and how you can best alleviate the symptoms.

PMS is the abbreviation for premenstrual symptom. This refers to recurring psychological, physical and emotional complaints that become noticeable at the beginning of the second half of the cycle, especially shortly before menstruation, and usually disappear again quickly with the onset of the period. The table below gives you an overview of the most common physical and psychological symptoms. It varies from woman to woman whether there are only isolated recurring complaints or several symptoms bundled together.

Physical symptoms

Mental symptoms

Abdominal and back pain

Mood swings

Water retention

depressive moods

Breast tenderness

Irritability and aggression

Tiredness and fatigue


Headache & Migraine

Sleep disorders

Blemishes, pimples


Bloated belly, nausea


Hot flashes

Fatigue and lack of concentration


In the case of severe PMS with a clear impact on the psyche - such as depressiveness and anxiety - specialists speak of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). This is a psychiatric diagnosis with emotional and physical impairments due to the strong and persistent premenstrual symptoms.

Causes of PMS

In premenstrual syndrome, there is usually more than one cause. The basis, which occurs together in most women, is a shift in hormonal balance, usually in combination with psychosocial factors.

Let's take a look at the causes:

  1. Estrogen dominance and an associated progesterone deficiency.

  2. Nutrient deficiency, especially of B vitamins, but also minerals such as selenium, zinc, magnesium and iodine.

  3. Chronic inflammation associated with stress, alcohol, environmental toxins or an unhealthy gut environment.

  4. Stress - whether physical stress or emotional stressors.

  5. Too much or too little body fat, as this can affect estrogen production.

  6. Insulin resistance - blood sugar fluctuations or elevated insulin levels disrupt hormonal balance.

Tips for PMS

  • Keeping a cycle diary Information about diet, exercise behavior, mood, daily routine and additional physical changes can be noted. Over time, many correlations can be observed so that the woman is better prepared for the cyclical changes and can react accordingly.

  • Supply with all important vital substances Pay attention to mineral intake, especially calcium, magnesium, iodine, selenium and zinc. An adequate supply of vitamins - especially vitamin C and the B vitamins are of particular importance.

  • Omega-3 fatty acids Omega-3 fatty acids have a very broad spectrum of effects on our health. The regular use of a high-quality algae oil can have a positive effect especially with regard to abdominal pain, headaches and mood. The intestines and skin also benefit from the healthy fatty acids. Here you can find my favorite omega-3 supplements.

  • Activate lymph flow Taking walks, jumping on a trampoline for 20 minutes, brushing massages or drinking tea blends can help stimulate lymph flow to reduce water retention.

  • Alkaline bath Alkaline baths are very beneficial and especially for irritated and impure skin, many people benefit from their effect. Alkaline washing with a washcloth can also be done directly in the shower. Face masks with healing earth can additionally counteract impure skin as a supplement.

  • Medicinal plants If abdominal pain occurs, medicinal plants such as goose cinquefoil, motherwort or chamomile are considered to relieve cramps. Heat or the use of a magnesium preparation can also be helpful.

  • Essential oils One drop of peppermint oil massaged onto the temples at a time can be a boon for headaches. Essential oils, such as orange, lemon or bergamot, can have a mood-lifting effect.

Feel free to let me know which tip works best for you. If you would like individual support and advice, please feel free to contact me! For July there are still 3 free places available for my 1:1 coaching!

With love

Jana Noel 🤍

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