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Stress hits the stomach

- how stress can alter the gut microbiome and thus weaken your immune system -

Who does not know it? Just now in the pre-Christmas period, the schedule is full, Christmas parties are pending, last errands, of course, still throw the household, the work does not do itself and and and. We feel stressed - if other stressors are added, such as nutritional stress due to too much sugar (because of all the cookies ;)) the acute stress, which lasts only a few hours, can quickly turn into chronic stress.

Chronic stress, can make really sick by the long-lasting reaction and especially stomach and intestines are often affected.

Under stress, stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol are released. Since the nervous system and hormonal system are closely interrelated, the activity of the autonomic nervous system is also altered. As a result of stress hormones, fewer digestive enzymes are usually released, blood flow to the digestive organs is reduced, and chronic gastrointestinal disorders can develop. The intestinal wall becomes more permeable due to the stress hormones in the blood and in this way the intestinal barrier loses its protective function (in this case we speak of the so-called leaky gut syndrome).

As a further consequence of a stress reaction, dysbiosis can occur in our intestinal flora, which means that the composition of the intestinal bacteria changes.

The composition of the intestinal microbiome is not only crucial for our digestion, but an essential task of our microbiome is also the immune defense, because in our intestine sit 80% of the cells that are active in the immune system and protect the body from pathogens.

So it seems reasonable to assume that psychological stress that persists over a long period of time can make the body less resistant to colds or gastrointestinal infections.

So far so good, but maybe you're wondering now how you can resist stress? How to reduce stress or become more resistant? To do that, the first step is to recognize that you feel stressed. Because only when you are aware of the stressful situation, a change can take place and your reaction to psychological stress can be changed. In my e-booklet, which I will publish for free on my website on 06.12. as a Santa Claus gift, you will get many tips and relaxation exercises at hand, which can help you step by step to reduce stress.

A mindful morning routine can also work wonders here, because you set the foundation for the day. Check out my new blog post with 10 inspirations for your winter morning ritual.

Digestive problems, bloated belly or food intolerances accompany you day in and day out? You want to get to the bottom of your symptoms and get to the root of the problem. Then let's have a free get-to-know-you phone call to see how I can support you. In my nutritional counseling I help you, with a gut-friendly and anti-inflammatory diet, back to a good gut feeling and a strong immune system. I will be accepting new clients starting January 02, 2023. You can check out my current offer here.

Your Jana Noel 💛

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