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The inner seasons of woman

Time and again, the female cycle is referred to as the inner seasons. But what exactly is meant by this? This blog article will give a brief overview.

The female cycle is subject to a very special and actually very predictable dynamic, which takes place every month anew. The individual cycle phases can be divided into 4 individual phases. Just like the seasons, the cycle phases return again and again and have their very own abilities and strengths.

Of course, it is utopian to coordinate every activity with our cycle, but nevertheless it gives us the possibility to influence e.g. the planning of the day in order to allocate our super powers. On the other hand, the cycle awareness is very valuable, because it allows us to better allocate our symptoms but also our mood.

1st menstruation - inner winter

Menstruation marks the beginning of a new cycle, it is a new beginning and cleansing process. This time is important for regeneration, emotional cleansing and retreat to recharge your energy reserves. Your low hormone level makes you feel rather weak and tired, your brain hemispheres are better connected and therefore you have easier access to your subconscious. Give yourself breaks whenever you can.

You may experience mild abdominal cramps, but severe pain is not normal and may indicate a disorder that you should not ignore!

2nd follicular phase - inner spring.

Hormones kick into gear and provide new energy that makes you blossom. Optimism and fresh energy inspire you to new ideas, projects and adventures. In this phase we are open to new things and it is a good time for personal growth. Also, now is an ideal time to start new routines and after your me-time during your menstruation, now schedule social activities and important professional appointments.

3rd ovulation - inner summer

During your ovulation, your energy level and creativity reaches its peak. This is the most fertile phase of your cycle and, like summer, you are likely to feel like going outside and being in the company of other people. Because of your high energy, exercise is especially effective during this time, building muscle and burning fat.

4th luteal phase - inner autumn

The flow and energy of the summer is now decreasing and you may notice that you prefer to be for yourself and want to withdraw. During this time, you focus on everything that is not going well - be it with yourself or your environment. Many negative feelings and emotions can come to the surface here, you can use these perceptions as an opportunity to become aware of your true needs.

Stay tuuuuned, since cycle awareness has transformed so much for me and made my life easier in many ways, I want to share the knowledge with you readers as easily as possible. Soon there will be all the info about the cycle awareness workshop I am diligently preparing. Specific articles will also follow on my blog.

I look forward to you following the weekly blogs.

With love

Jana Noel💛

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