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Vital mushrooms - natural immune booster

During my stay in Sweden, I learned so much about the treasures of our nature - and the world of mushrooms excited me the most.

Did you know that mushrooms form a network in the soil through which forest trees pass on nutrients and information to each other?

Especially in the forest, the name "Wood Wide Web" has already been coined for this network, which consists of very thin fungal threads. The dimensions are impressive: a single fungus can spread over an area of several hundred square meters and connect numerous trees and other plants.

No wonder that certain mushrooms are said to have a healing effect. Mushrooms that are said to have a positive health effect are called vital mushrooms. These have been in use for thousands of years and have their origins in TCM. But they are also used in folk medicine in Japan, Russia and Scandinavia. Vital mushrooms with their adaptogenic effect are not to be confused with psychoactive mushrooms, better known as magic mushrooms.

In Japan and the USA vital mushrooms are used for therapy, in Germany they are not yet considered an approved remedy and are therefore only allowed as a food supplement. However, vital mushrooms are being used more and more in naturopathy and are even used in conventional medicine for some types of cancer - that speaks for itself.

Here are my 3 favorite vital mushrooms that support your immune system and gut health with their powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects:


- Strengthening immune system

- lowering cholesterol level

- improved liver function

- antimicrobial properties


- anti-aging (Reishi also has the name: 'mushroom of immortality'.

- stimulation of the immune system

- support for sleep problems

- anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic effect


- improved performance and concentration

- stabilization of blood sugar level

- strengthening of the immune system

- positive influence on the intestinal flora

When buying vital mushrooms, look for the best organic quality and the production and certification in Europe, as stricter controls apply here for the production.

Have you already made experiences with vital mushrooms?

Feel free to share them in the comments.

Your Jana Noel 💛

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