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Winter morning ritual

- 10 ideas for your morning routine

If you've known me for a while or follow me on Instagram, you know that I love routines! Especially the morning routine sets the foundation for the day and has a major impact on how the rest of your day goes. At the same time, I get bored pretty quickly when something always stays the same - I need change in my life. Now you may be wondering, how do routines and change go together?!

The great thing about routines is that they don't have to be fixed. I personally like to adapt my routines to the season - this way you can not only support your body appropriately, but also consciously practice mindfulness again through the variety.

Here are a few inspirations to customize your own winter morning ritual:

1. oil pulling

Oil pulling has a long tradition in Ayurveda and has been used for thousands of years to strengthen the organism. Since it has cleansing, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory effects, it is considered an effective Ayurvedic healing method. Oil pulling eliminates bad breath, activates the senses and brings mental freshness. You can find my favorite tooth oil and the application description here.

2. tongue scraping

Overnight, debris builds up on your tongue. Take a tongue scraper or alternatively a small spoon and gently scrape the tongue with it, this way you additionally support the body in purification.

3. drink hot water

Start the day by drinking at least one glass of hot water. This will boost your metabolism and ignite the digestive fire. If you like, you can enrich your water with honey, lemon or even ginger or turmeric.

4. meditation/ breathing exercise

Especially in the morning, when there are still few impressions of the day flowing in on you, you may find it easier to focus entirely on yourself. Open the window and take a few deep breaths or start your day with a mediation. Maybe start with 5 min - you can find quite a few great guided meditations on YouTube.

5. facial care

Since sebum production is also active overnight, excess sebum is excreted through the pores. That's why skin cleansing is so important not only in the evening, but especially in the morning, otherwise the pores can get clogged and impurities can form. Fresh, natural skin care products are the key here. Discover my facial care routine here.

6. dry brushing

Massaging with a dry brush can stimulate the cardiovascular system as well as lymphatic flow through its movement on the skin, providing a body-glow and a fresh energy boost. For this self-care ritual, you'll need a brush with soft, plant-based natural fibers. Here follows a short description:

1. always brush in the direction of the heart, making short upward strokes.

Gently massage your body with the dry brush in upward movements, starting from the feet. Apply light pressure according to your needs.

3. work your way up from the front and back of the calves and thighs, through the lower back.

4. brush the abdomen and chest in circles.

5. finally, brush your arms, from the hands to the shoulders and neck.

7. skin care

After the massage is the perfect time to apply a skin care product, as the active ingredients can now be optimally absorbed by the skin. Valuable plant oils are ideal, as they intensively nourish your skin and make it even more supple. You can find a nutrient-rich care product here.

8. yoga/movement

Especially in winter, when our blood circulation is not so up to speed, exercise can support us, be it a round of walking or 20 min on your yoga mat. Exercise promotes the release of the happiness hormone serotonin, which is exactly what we need to avoid the winter blues. Additionally, exercise makes us feel more alert and our body temperature rises.

9. warm breakfast

A warming breakfast is more digestible for your stomach, so your digestion is helped. The stomach and spleen are best supported, which also benefits your immune system. So how about a warming porridge, toasted bread or healthy pancakes with hot raspberries?

1o. gratitude diary

Another thing that is so simple yet so effective is to keep a gratitude journal. The journal will help you focus positively on the day and reprogram your subconscious mind in a positive way in the long run.

Studies show that grateful people experience less stress and are happier and more balanced as a result - Try it out.


As a little reminder: often the little things are the big levers. Instead of turning your whole routine upside down, start replacing individual activities with new ones. Adjust your morning routine according to your individual needs and time. Which of these things would you like to try or are already part of your morning routine? I am looking forward to an exchange!

Take it easy and use the precious morning hour to do something good for yourself!

Yours, Jana Noel 💛

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