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Root Chakra

The root chakra or also called Muladara Chakra is located at the lower end of the spine, the coccyx. The name is derived from the words "mula" = "root" and "adhara" = foundation, security. In chakra theory, the root chakra is the foundation on which all other chakras are built.

A healthy root chakra manifests in confidence, security and a sense of being connected. When the root chakra is activated, we feel confident and secure no matter where we are. It is the certainty that we have enough and are enough. A balanced root chakra brings us into self-responsibility and gets us out of the victim role.

It is assumed that the seven chakras develop in our first seven years of life. Accordingly, the first chakra develops in the first 18 months and the formative themes of this time are above all basic trust and self-confidence.

A blockage in the root chakra can manifest itself in fear, insecurity, confusion, but also addictive behavior.

When the root chakra is too pronounced, we tend to hold on to things, we have a fear of change, an overly pronounced need for security and are quickly sluggish. Obesity, constipation can manifest.

If the root chakra is too weak, we are anxious, insecure, it is difficult for us to set boundaries. Eating disorders, burnout and financial problems can be consequences of this.

Traumatic experiences in childhood such as separation from the mother after birth, abandonment, inadequate attachment, malnutrition, physical abuse can lead to disturbances in the root chakra.

Each chakra is assigned a color - the root chakra has the color red and is symbolic of the element earth.

Here are some tips on how to strengthen and balance your root chakra:

  • In everyday life: lots of exercise in the fresh air, walking barefoot, red clothes and flowers.

  • With yoga: anything that works the feet, knees, legs, pelvis and sacro-coccygeal area. Standing postures and forward bends. Example: Paschimottanasana. For this I offer a 7-week Chakra Rebalance Yoga course starting on Wednesday, October 05. You can register here.

  • Through nutrition: protein grounds, reach for plant-based sources of protein, such as lentils, tofu or chickpeas. As the name suggests, root vegetables like carrots, beet, radishes are also a great way to activate your chakra. In general, you can build a mnemonic for yourself by simply eating more red fruits and vegetables, e.g. strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes.

  • With scents: Clove, rosemary, ginger, vetiver, cypress, cedar.

  • With positive affirmations: "I am safe and secure" "I am enough".

Have fun trying it out!

Yours Jana Noel 💛

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